Amazing sightseeing spots in Japan

This is a dataset of a famous Japanese sightseeing spot. Please tell us the recommended sightseeing spots you know.
(This is a sample dataset. Please post freely.)

Masahiro Hayashi

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1Heian-jingu ShrineHeian-jingu shrine was built in 1895 in commemoration of the 1100th anniversary of the foundation of Heian Capital. A huge red `torii` is a landmark of this shrine.mirko2019-05-04T21:19:14
2Kiyomizu-dera TempleKiyomizu-dera is the most popular place for sightseeing in Kyoto. The view from the large veranda (the stage `kiyomizu no butai`) is very beautiful.mirko2019-05-04T21:17:59
3Nijo-jo CastleNijo-jo is a castle built by Ieyasu Tokugawa in 1603. In the `Ninomaru Goten` on the site of the castle there is a corridor with a sound like a nightingale`s song when walking.mirko2019-05-04T21:13:44
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